USS Barry

April 26, 2008

A slightly further-away shot of the USS Barry at Navy Yard. Some history, all taken from the nice pamphlet they gave out:

The USS Barry is a destroyer in the Forrest Sherman class, commissioned in September 1956 in Boston. The Barry originally had an overall length of 418 feet, but was later extended for sonar. She can accommodate 22 officers and 315 enlisted sailors. The Barry participated in the Cuban Quarantine during the Missile Crisis in October 1962, and later served in Vietnam and Korea. She was credited with destroying over 1000 “enemy structures.” The Barry was decommissioned in 1982 and designated as a permanent “visit ship” at the Washington Navy Yard.


Navy Yard

April 25, 2008

Today we went to Navy Yard! After quite a walk – you have to wander all the way around before you find the visitors’ entrance – we finally found the Navy Museum. They have a great display ship and quite a big museum, with all kinds of cool stuff covering the whole history of the Navy.

This is the ship outside (or a section of it) – the Destroyer USS Barry, commissioned in 1956. Another pic tomorrow!

Arlington Cemetery again

April 16, 2008

Another pic from Arlington National Cemetery. According to the brochure I picked up, the cemetery is the resting place for over 290,000 servicemen, women, and their families, and an additional 24 burials take place every day.

The land for the cemetery formerly belonged to the family of Robert E. Lee, and Congress paid Lee’s heir $150,000 for the title to the land.

About the Tomb of the Unknowns, pictured yesterday – this is the burial site of an unknown serviceman who served in WWI and was buried in 1921. Later, unknown servicemen from WWII and Korea were also interred at the site. The Third U.S. Infantry maintains a round-the-clock vigil in front of the Tomb.

Arlington National Cemetery

April 15, 2008

The marine honor guard in front of the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery.

More to follow tomorrow, but it’s late!

Crazy Statue

April 7, 2008

In Rosslyn, a few blocks north on Wilson from the metro.

DuPont in springtime!

March 16, 2008

In contrast to my earlier picture of the DuPont fountain, in which people were notably absent, now that good weather has arrived – yesterday it hit 60! – the circle is mobbed.


March 13, 2008

The statue of Gandhi in front of the Indian Embassy on Massachusetts Ave. From the description on the Indian Embassy webpage:

The sculpture of Mahatma Gandhi is cast in bronze as a statue to a height of 8 feet 8 inches. It shows Gandhi in stride, as a leader and man of action evoking memories of his 1930 protest march against salt-tax, and the many padyatras (long marches) he undertook throughout the length and breadth of the Indian sub-continent.

The inscription on the base reads “My life is my message.”