May 18, 2008

Well, not the greatest photo, but it will have to do. This weekend we had the pleasure of visiting the Argentine Embassy during PassportDC, when many Embassies hold open houses and cultural exhibits. Argentina had two lovely tango performances.

And – thought I don’t have any pictures – we also visited the Embassy of Bangladesh, getting a preview of the country where we are moving in three short weeks!! This explains my absence of late – packing and preparations has taken over our apartment and all the time I used to spend taking pictures. This might be the last post on this blog, but I’ve appreciated all your visits and comments. I’ll post an update once we’re settled in Bangladesh, and I plan to continue sharing our experiences from our new home!


Birds and Boats

April 27, 2008

Looking out over the water from Navy Yard.

Another canal pic…

April 24, 2008

A final shot of the canal last week when we stopped for lunch. It seems to have turned warm for good here and everyone is out taking advantage of the beautiful weather!

Another view of the canal

April 20, 2008

Strolling next to the Potomac canal last week. More on this canal in yesterday’s post.

Pope and security detail …

April 18, 2008

Another pic of the Popemobile along with its impressive security escort.


April 17, 2008

Pope in Popemobile yesterday as he traveled down Pennsylvania Avenue after his meetings at the White House.

Arlington National Cemetery

April 15, 2008

The marine honor guard in front of the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery.

More to follow tomorrow, but it’s late!