Back to DC…

After a weekend away (yay for federal holidays!) it’s back to DC today.  This is the fountain at Dupont Circle, where Connecticut Ave intersects with 19th and P St NW. 

The fountain honors Samuel Francis DuPont, a Rear Admiral in the US Navy who served in the Mexican-American War and in the Civil War. The current fountain (which replaced an earlier statue of DuPont himself) was installed in 1921, and the figures represent the sea, the wind, and the stars.


One Response to Back to DC…

  1. mrdi says:

    Welcome to the world of City Daily Photo Blogs! I’ve been doing it for just over four months and have been really enjoying it. It’s nice to tour the world from home and get to share my home city of Minneapolis as well. If you haven’t found it yet, the CDPB monthly theme is a great way to get noticed my others and feel part of the group. I wrote and article about it on my blog, here’s a link:
    CDPB Monthly Theme Hints and Tips Also, go over to and register your blog, it’s a good way to find out who’s linking to you and increase your blog’s visibility.
    Good luck,
    – Mitch

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